Global Seoul Mates: Halloween 2016

Photography by: Hon Hoang

Founded in May 2015, Global Seoul Mates (GSM) is an international community started by founders David Woodworth and 윤정호.

The purpose for the company is to “connect people through language and shared values. Those values are human values, Self development and networking."

GSM’s primary service is language exchange. There are about 40,000 members connected with GSM and about 2,000 members who visit various locations around Seoul each Month.

A secondary service of GSM is to organize big events. These events serve to consolidate the existing community and to bring more people into that community.

GSM plans to grow into other cities (Busan, Beijing, Tokyo, Vancouver, etc.). The company hopes to offer an effective platform for second language learners to easily meet other people, and then speak and learn the language in a social way. Thus the tagline for the company is, “Learn Socially”.