Lucid Dreaming for an Insomniacs

Spent 24 hours in Tokyo. There was little time for sleep.

It’s easy to disappear here, in Tokyo.

In a city like this, no one knows who you are. Fade and disappear into a sea of anonymity. Like a grain of sand flowing through the bottleneck, collecting at the bottom of the chronograph. Time moves on and so do the people in this city. Blink and they might disappear, not stopping as they move about their day. The last grain drops and the hourglass turns over to repeat itself, passing by new grains in the bottleneck.

It’s easy to disappear here, in Tokyo.

Pachinko on the Brain

The lights of technicolor blared and strobed.

The smell of cigarette smoke choked you with the strength of a thick fog.

The sounds of desensitization drummed away at your ears, but not his.


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