Film: Echoes of Departure

Two office workers meet between moments of banality.  Credits: Written and Directed: Hon Hoang Starrring: Jennifer Khoe Monica Cho Director of Photography: Anghel Paras Produced: Hon Hoang Tk Gorgonia Composer: Dash Lunde Sound Design: Kevin Teruya Choreographer: Vivian […]

Interview & Photoshoot: Permanence in Flux

Tattoo Culture in South Korea. Photography and Interview by: Hon Hoang He sits in the tattoo parlor telling me about how Korea is changing. In his unique accent, a mix of Korean and Australian, he tells me about a traditional culture that is moving from conservatism towards one of self-expression. Traditional Korean views dictate that having […]

Master Class: Refraction of Waves – Wong Kar Wai

The Story A child born of mainland China, Wong Kar-Wai escaped to British-ruled Hong Kong during the beginning of China’s Cultural Revolution. He spent his early youth in a new city, isolated from the culture around him. Voices resonate as incoherent speech. Words assembled from familiar yet indeterminable sounds. In a busy city where people […]