Master Class: Refraction of Waves – Wong Kar Wai

The Story A child born of mainland China, Wong Kar-Wai escaped to British-ruled Hong Kong during the beginning of China’s Cultural Revolution. He spent his early youth in a new city, isolated from the culture around him. Voices resonate as incoherent speech. Words assembled from familiar yet indeterminable sounds. In a busy city where people […]

Master Class: Hungry Eyes of a Stray Dog – Daido Moriyama

“Nothing is more deadly than a deserted,” wandering narrow alleyways of the metropolis. Hungry, seeking scraps left behind by humanity and consuming whatever is present before him. Observing with hungry eyes, each passing moment and turned corners might allow him to feed. Following people within the city where “an uncanny scent floats,” the beast observes his ever changing […]

Interview & Photoshoot: Permanence in Flux

Tattoo Culture in South Korea. Photography and Interview by: Hon Hoang He sits in the tattoo parlor telling me about how Korea is changing. In his unique accent, a mix of Korean and Australian, he tells me about a traditional culture that is moving from conservatism towards one of self-expression. Traditional Korean views dictate that having […]

Interview & Photoshoot: A Dance in Duality – Identity and Digital Media

An Interview and Photoshoot with Sara X Mills Interview and Photography by Hon Hoang SaraOnTheInternet, Sara X Mills, the boob twerker, or Sara Mills, whichever name you may know her as, became an internet sensation for her rendition of Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” back in 2014. The video now has over 41 million views for […]