Interview: In Pursuance of Light and Vocation – Sunny Bak

An Interview with Photographer Sunny Bak If the Beastie Boys fought for our right to party, Sunny Bak invariably provided the ammunition and base for their crusade. The Beasties having used her old studio in Manhattan to film their “Fight for Your Right” music video, Sunny documented their early years along with other artists and celebrities […]

Interview: Hunters in the Frame – Dotan Saguy

An Interview with Dotan Saguy by Hon Hoang Finding myself in some good fortune, I got the opportunity to attend a photo meetup hosted by National Geographic. During this time, I met some great photographers and gained insightful knowledge about photography. One of the photographers who generously shared their time and knowledge with me was Dotan Saguy, a […]

Interview: Capture of the Human Condition – Brendan Hoffman

An Interview with Brendan Hoffman by Hon Hoang Born in Albany, New York, Brendan Hoffman now finds himself traveling to World’s end capturing images of nationalism, identity, history, and politics. He has found himself everywhere from Washington to Russia, Haiti to Ukraine. As a documentary photographer, he is driven by curiosity and a pursuit to understand […]