Cinema in an Ad-World

Advertisements pervades every aspect of our lives. It’s the driving force behind all things entertainment, from the shorts ran between our favorite shows to the internal ads delicately or indelicately placed into films.

Ads often fade into the background of our everyday, considered to be a nuisance that should be ignored and habituated to. For many, it’s the lifeblood that allows creatives to fund their work. To others, it’s a compromise to creativity, but what happens when story and character takes precedent to the product? Is it still compromise? Does the ad still recede to the corners of our minds or does it stay anchored to our consciousness with its emotional weight.

**Adidas – Break Free**

Johnnie Walker: Dear Brother from Jan David Gūnther on Vimeo.

**Jim Beam – “Bold Choice” Movement**

**Introducing Netflix Vista | Black Mirror**

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