Impermanence: South Korea in Portraits and Photographs

The process of producing a photo book can be difficult and intimidating. Most of us wouldn’t know where to start and even more difficult, we wouldn’t know to end. This is the 3rd revision of my photo book and one of the most important things that got me to this point was making the book available for download and asking for feedback.

One of the most common feedbacks I had was that the photo book is “bulky” or “daunting.” That the sheer size of the book takes away the impact of more interesting photographs, diluting them. I had to let project sit for awhile, putting it aside so the photographs felt more like a distant memory. This was necessary because I found it difficult to omit certain photographs, they all felt important because of the memories I attributed to them. Objectivity is important when editing your own work, it may not fit the criteria of a good photograph or contribute to the larger body of work you’re trying to present, but there is a desire for it to be seen all the same.

The time away from the project was helpful, it became easier to edit more aggressively without feelings of guilt and anxiety of a photograph once seen as important. I feel like there is more work to be done before this project ever goes to print, if ever. For now, please enjoy the free digital download of the entire book. If you like, hate, or have any suggestions on how to make the book better, please comment below. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

From August 2016 to August 2017, I lived in South Korea. I traveled throughout the country trying to encapsulate what I saw and how I felt through portraits and photographs. As a result, I created Impermanence: South Korea in Portraits and Photographs.

This photo book presents my experience as a visitor to a country in flux, showing the rapidly evolving culture and landscape of South Korea.

View the photobook below or please click here to view and download Impermanence.

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