Joyful Melancholia in Las Vegas, Nevada

With┬áneon lights as beacons for debauchery, Las Vegas serves as a desert oasis for American escapism. The radiant glow lures you in with promises of hedonism and decadence, promises that are dutifully fulfilled. Here, people get to explore a brand of society that is often repressed by the places they call home. Vegas is different, it is not home for these visitors. It’s a destination for a sin filled sabbatical. This place allows you and encourages you to unleash every repressed instinct. Relinquishing yourself from the rules and restrictions of more morally confined cities, there is no excess because excess is the norm.

It has to be said that not all who enter the city limits are seeking the same riches and pleasures. Some may be here to indulge and release stress before returning to their everyday, but what about the others?

What about the locals that calls this city home? To them, the sounds of a sleepless city do not have an end. The lights continue to glow as they work the strip, serving the drinks, dealing the cards, and catering carnal commodities.

This city is filled with so much hope and sorrow. Gambling is such a romantic concept; there are those that play to indulge and there are those that play for the prospect of a better life.

“Just one more roll of the dice, maybe, just maybe this time it will be different.”

“I’ll play one more hand. If I win, my life will turn around. I know it will…”

“If only, if only it lands on my number. I can win back my savings and afford to leave this town. I can afford to leave him.”

This city is filled with so much hope and sorrow.



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