Photoshoot: Calm for the Malaise

Photographer: Hon Hoang

Iyanna talks about her time and life in Korea.

When in other parts of Korea, I often get gawked at like a zoo animal. I weirdly am pretty unbothered in Changwon. I express myself as I would in Seoul and don’t get the stares for it. It’s highly appreciated and bizarre.

Changwon is the calm away from the storm. When I return home from Busan or Seoul I am happy to settle in a completely different atmosphere. It keeps the “going back home” feeling real and true.

It has beautiful landscapes, hidden gems, and awesome parks. Outside I feel most occupied in such a non-busy place.

I have friends here, locals recognize me, and the expat community knows my name. Overall it has become a home that I love.

But a temporary home, like most places in my life.

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