Theatrics in Repose: Chaotic Beauty of Lucha Libre

From 2017-2019, I’ve had the good fortune to capture the beautiful chaos that is Lucha Vavoom. It felt surreal to bear witness to the high flying, testosterone fueled theatrics that used to be confined to the black box residing within the living room. Overtime I wanted to dive deeper into the world. I originally posted the series Masked: Adoration and Anonymity after my first year with Lucha Vavoom, but wanted to reflect more on what the audience did not get to see.

Theatrics in Repose is a reflection on that first year’s experience and how I wanted to approach a side of Lucha Libre not often seen by the public. The moments of quiet and the murmurs that cling to the walls of the locker room. The silence before thunderous applause erupts during a grand entrance. The vulnerability before the Luchadors step into their roles as hero or villain. Peeking behind the curtain to see the work they put into themselves and their performance.



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